Startup Ecosystem Projects

I have been involved in both the startup and established business ecosystem for over three decades. Assisting early-stage entrepreneurs in building partnerships, helping raise capital, and commercializing ideas and concepts. Having access to a vast proven network of professional resources to test, validate and advance business models and ideas at each step of development, helping new ventures moving forward, achieving financial clarity and enabling founders scaling their ideas in a profitable way.

I help startups with business, product, market and sales development, and fundraising. Besides scouting for hyper-local talents in Chicago and the Midwest, and because of having helped numerous companies cross-invest internationally I also focus on overseas startups interested to access to the US markets as well as American and European startups interested to expand internationally.

Startup Port (my passion as a co-founder) is a Chicago-based collaborative network of independent advisors, matter experts and technology specialists; professionals preeminent in various specialized fields related to facilitating strategic alignment of people, money, technology and other mission-critical resources. Since 2008 advisory and mission critical solutions are provided to organizations of almost all types and sizes; from seed stage startups ventures to established enterprises.

Previous startups I have advised include:

Retropole, SupplyClinic, Predictive, Prefense, OFNI app, ULAKapp, Safe-In-The-City, PowerKiosk, Energy -IQ, FitnessCubed, Medical Ingenuities, Ingenious, NanogasTechnologies, WapLog, Selfie, CrowdFind, CloudPrintry, Freenters, CampusStarter, ZMarkit, Chicago Black Inventors Association, AX Data Centers, Torque Parts, IPTV, ITTV, SMI, Spotmyphotos, Suggesthat, LRB Global, WSI Management, Anka Coop, Cupela, KidsRide, SmartMediCase, FoodJunky, Elektronet, ToolFloor, RWS Water treatment, Invent2026, Floq, Marketyo, SizeandMe, and many more.

Startups launched:

Advanced Measurements, Teknolator, SolarTrak, T Square Telecom (T2), ErgostandUp Desk, ExpoBox, Sherpa Business Advisors, Startup-Port, SigmaRisk, Nutricio, EatWell.

StartUp Port, Chicago, Illinois  ♦ initial launch: 2008-2009

Founding Partner, Managing Director. Startup launch and development platform for ideation and collaboration. Designed to teach startup founders the key attributes and solutions for successful business startups

Startup Port is a hybrid startup support platform that offers venture development to seed stage technology operators with specially tailored solutions in intellectual capital via mentors and related matter experts, providing deep dive knowledge, expertise, skills, wisdom and judgment that the founders need to succeed.

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