Business Projects

Since 1986 provided support to small and mid-size companies with respect to business outgrowth, new product design and development, market entry, engineering and re-engineering activities, market surveys, acquisition support, cost reduction, lean manufacturing-design implementations, brand management, sales channel improvement, supply channel structuring as well as marketing and product improvements.

One2Consult, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Founding Partner, Managing Partner: 2002-2008  (An extension of H. E. Tezcan & Associates which was established in 1986 as a partnership)

Advisory Group specialized in providing practical and cost effective business solutions to small and midsize companies to improve their performance, competitiveness and bottom line profit by implementing simple, result oriented, targeted solutions. With strong experience in business start-ups, brand management, business operations management, business development, new market entry, strategic alliance positioning, performance and outgrowth management.


Below is a sample list of customers and projects successfully completed by Hal Tezcan:

Reynolds Aluminum Company, Virginia, 1986: 

Provided expertise and assistance in measuring very large scale stamping and fabrication tools used in their production facility. Utilized digital non-contact measuring techniques to provide precise surface accuracy of their tools.

Clements National Company, Chicago, Illinois, 1988:

Provided expertise and assistance in product design and development, product cost reduction and redesign of railroad equipment used for METRA/CTA and other regional US rail systems

Vertex Communications, Longview, Texas, 1989:

Researched, Procured, Overhauled and sold used longitudinal stretch forming machine for antenna panel skin production. Assisted Vertex Manufacturing department in improving their antenna panel forming fixtures and dies. (Manufacturing cost reduction of over 40% and product improvement in less than 18 months)

TV Abril, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 1990:

Provided Downlink-Uplink system, MMDS systems design, equipment selection and equipment installation services for a contractor to a Brazilian Wireless Cable TV Company located in Sao Paulo, Brazil (provided the first cable TV operations equipment in Brazil)

OMNI Cellular Corp., Illinois, 1991-92:

Provided strategic offshore market surveys and acquisition support to Cellular Telephone equipment manufacturer

Aydin Elektronik, Ankara, Turkey, 1993-1994:

Provided product design support for cellular tower and base station design, product management for SKD mobile phone production, support in partnership and strategic alliances with Asian and US telephone design and production companies

Fortuna Holdings/ Teleblu / LEWV, LLc, Illinois 1994, 1996, 1999:

Provided engineering support and technical services for various domestic and international satellite communications, mobile, wireless (PCS – Cellular and WLL) and information technology projects for a Private Telecommunications Consulting Group located in Chicago and other worldwide locations

TGI- Apple Beepers Acquisition, Chicago, Illinois, 1994:

Helped startup raise $5 million by way of Venture Capital and Private Equity investors for the acquisition of a private paging concern for a new startup called Telecom Consulting and Engineering Group (TGI) located in Chicago, Illinois.

FCC “C” Block PCS license auctions, Washington, D.C., 1995-1996:

Provided strategic support to FAMS & Associates to bid for C Block PCS license (FCC). Helped them obtain BTA 170 in Great Bend, Kansas license at the FCC auction. Provided strategic advice, technology review and vendor selection to TWS LLc., and CELLUTECH, all C Block PCS -Personal Communication Services- license holders. Coordinated with Motorola, Eriksson, Nokia, AirNet, Plexis and Nortel in providing equipment selection support. Helped PCS C Block Alliance raise capital for local cell phone network deployment and cell site construction

Patriot Antennas, Michigan, 1993-1996:

Provided antenna design, development and engineering for their offset antenna DBS Project, direct to home Satellite TV programs

Prairie Street Partners, Illinois, 1996: (Telecommunications investments Group)

Provided engineering support and technical services for various domestic and international satellite communications, mobile and wireless (PCS – Cellular and WLL) projects

Green Street Capital LLc., Kansas, 1997:

(Private Investment Firm, specialized in telecom markets)

Provided strategic support, technology and vendor selection, business planning and feasibility analysis for their local wireline telephone company and wireless ventures

E.B.S. – NEWNET, Inc. Connecticut, 1996-1997:

A Telecom Software Development Company Specializing in Wireless Telecom Switching platform, Access Management, SMS and SS7. Provided executive and Board-room level strategic support, market surveys, feasibility analysis and product/service positioning as well as product research services in the PCS market during pre-merger period. (NEWNET, Inc. was acquired by ADC Telecom in 1997 for approximately $60 mil.)

United Telecom, Inc., Illinois, 1998-2000: 

(Telecom Service Provider, Domestic and International Wireless License Holder) Provided strategic consulting services for the preparation of Telecom License bidding proposals in several African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries

Prodeline Corp. (Tripoint Global), Conover, North Carolina, 2003:

Provided engineering, manufacturing and design consulting services for the improvement of the 2.4 m and larger SMC offset VSAT antenna designs, fabrication tooling and manufacturing processes. Inspected and evaluated existing manufacturing and inspection processes and provided clinical report for across the board improvements. Recommended new manufacturing techniques to increase performance yet cost reduce the production process of their antenna manufacturing operation Rosemont, Illinois, 2004-2006:

Assisted partnership in reorganizing product portfolio and implementing new marketing methodology for their PC sales and service business. Assisted in creating new channel partner program to lower cost of goods and improve pricing structure. Assisted in the design and implementation of a new mid-scale Data Center

AATK, Inc.  Crestwood, Illinois, 2006:

A privately held awards and recognition design and manufacturing firm. Provided total turn-key E-Commerce and product control system, including ERP, cost accounting, CRM and interactive website design and management, including staff training. Helped increase ROI by more than 37% in less than 16 months. Assisted company owner in positioning the business for acquisition

Phoenix International LLc. Hinsdale, Illinois, 2006:

Provided export management support, strategic marketing plan, sales material improvement and distributor selection assistance for their PetroFree product line. Provided assistance in product re-design, cost reduction, new market development and product branding

Perfect Stone USA, LLc / Rosemont, Illinois, 2007:

Provided sales and marketing support for new market entry

Retropole LLc / Richardson, Texas, 2007:

Provided product design-improvement and Sales & Marketing assistance

PortfolioLab, Inc. Fullerton, California, 2007:

Assisted in creating customized specialized internet service packages targeted for nonprofit organizations

ExpoBoxUSA,, Rosemont, Illinois, 2008:

Assisted overseas company in introducing and launching a new patented product to the US promotions and events market. Established a marketing plan for the North American market. Helped create strategic production alliance with a local manufacturer to eliminate transatlantic shipping and cost reduce the product, at the same time providing better and faster market response time

LightMart LLc,, Des Plaines, Illinois, 2009:

Provided business and marketing management services for the development and market launch of new “green products” in addition to the company’s existing product portfolio. Helped establish cost reduction and new brand awareness programs

Sensible Metals, Inc. Rosemont, Illinois, 2009:

Provided general management support for the company and restructured the internal product support and inventory management system. Improved relations with existing customers and created a new brand and service awareness

AX Datacenters, Rosemont, Illinois, 2011:

Provided Technical, marketing, intellectual property and sales advisory services

Torque Parts LLC, Mt. Prospect, Illinois, 2012:

Provided Intellectual property and Branding advisory services

LRB Global LLC & Vertical Spaces, Glenview, Illinois, 2013:

Provided Technical (telecom, energy, infrastructure, tower and wireless business) domestic and international marketing advisory services

WSI Management, LLC, Elmhurst, Illinois, 2012-2013:

Provided product development, international marketing and sales advisory services

Sigma Business Services Corp, Chicago, Illinois 2013

Established the US office of a Business Risk Mitigation and Management Service company. Advisor to the Board of directors

TOBB TRADE CENTER, Inc. Franklin Park, Illinois 2023

Play key role in the establishment of  a trade center set up to launch Turkish companies in the US. This organization is supported and partially funded by its parent company TOBB and the Turkish ministry of commerce. I was intimately involved at each and every steps of the US entity’s formation and launch. After being selected to run the business start up operations in the US, I was intimately involved in all the aspects of forming and launching the company from location selection, building internal office and warehouse design, IT and Security selection and setup, operations process selection and setup, HR processes set up, creating third party service provider relationships. Day to day direct involvement in the general management, business strategy, digital marketing, planning and organization, marketing and branding, legal advice and support, managing third party service providers, finance and accounting, risk mitigation and management, interaction with member customers, support to all the business departments, to name few of the activities I successfully accomplished during my involvement with TOBB TC. Beside the internal company management tasks and duties, I also intimately mentored and supported the launch of nearly a hundred TOBB TC member companies. From forming their companies to creating their US marketing identity, adapting their brand to the US market (digital brand identity, website adaptation), educating them about the US business culture, helping them adapt their product and/or services to the US market needs (market fit), and many other cross-functional support for their adaptation to the US. In fact there are many other functions I supported during my involvement with TOBB Trade Center, too many to list here.