C Level expert with over four decades of business and product development, business launch, strategic and operational successes spanning the US, LATAM, Europe and the MENA regions, in technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, and CPG.

Proven Start-up and turnaround leader who solves root causes that limits profitability through product or service realignments, product and service improvements, cost cutting, organizational restructuring, improved organizational communications, and proper fast-track decision-making process.

Over fifteen years of deep experience helping startups via our hybrid accelerator platform, Startup Port LLC.

I help founders, executives, managers, brands, and businesses to enhance their operational and growth capabilities. With over four decades of hands-on experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, specializing in business development, marketing, sales, brand reinvention, and digital transformation.

My expertise, insight and wisdom revolve around crafting and executing highly effective and impactful strategies that drive new successful business development, elevate marketing communications, and optimize sales performance for both startups and established enterprises.